Work Package 3 (WP3): Production of SMA materials and improvement of manufacturing techniques and materials

Participants: UPV/EHU (coordinator) plus ARQ.

Objectives of WP3

  • Production of SMA cast material with the right concentration and the homogeneity according the specifications established in Tasks 2.1 and 2.6.
  • Production of SMA fibres according the specifications from Task 2.6 and the design requirements of the Engineering Model from Task 5.1.
  • Design and implementing a new production technology, which will allow obtaining small diameter fibres with better performances at a lower price.
  • Production of new sets of SMA fibres, with the new technology, for all the activities of the consortium.
  • Characterize the SMA properties of the produced fibres in order to qualify the materials to be used in the functional tests and in the final devices.
  • Improvement of the SMA materials by careful modification of the alloy composition and the production parameters.

Description of work and tasks of WP3

Task 3.1 Trade-off SMA manufacturing techniques [UPV/EHU]

The goal of this task is to produce the SMA materials to be used in the first Engineering Model.

Task 3.2 New manufacturing techniques of SMA fibres [UPV/EHU]

The initial goal of this task is to design and build a new technology and equipment to directly grow sub-millimetre SMA fibres with higher performances than the ones produced up to now by conventional methods, and at a lower price.

Task 3.3 Manufactured SMA fibres characterization [UPV/EHU, ARQ]

The goal of this task is to carry out a complete characterization of the SMA fibres before they will be implemented in the Engineering Model, as well as in the different REACT devices. Then the activities will cover several aspects described as follows: Micro-structural characterization, thermal characterization measuring the transformation temperatures of the SMA and Thermo-mechanical characterization of the SMA fibres.

Task 3.4 Improvement of SMA materials for REACT [UPV/EHU]

In this task the improvement of the present materials is approached, and it is expected that a selection of the improved alloys will be implemented on the REACT devices and tested for qualification.

Task 3.5 Final conclusions on production and SMA technologies [UPV/EHU]

The goal of this task is to summarize a final conclusion on the new SMA fibres production technology developed in task T3.2, as well as on the improved SMA materials.