Kick-off meeting of the REACT project

On 20th January 2015, the Kick-off meeting of the REACT project was held in Brussels, Belgium, at the REA facilities of the European Commission.

The meeting was celebrated under the chairmanship of the European Commission Project Officer, Traian Branza (TB), and with the participation of the delegates from all the project partners:

STI: Thomas Franck (TF) and Ignacio Martinez (IM)

AVS: Cristina Ortega (CO)

SSTL: Mark Ferris (MF) and Andrew Haslehurst (AH)

ESTL: Simon Griffin (SG) and Matthew Hampson (MH)

ECE: Vicente Gomez (VG) and Francisco Javier Rivas (FR)

UPV/EHU: José María San Juan (JS)

ARQ: Nestor Nava (NN), Francisco Gutierrez (FG) and Francisco Álvarez (FA)


The following commemorative picture was taken at the occasion of the event.


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