ARQUIMEA INGENIERÍA S.L.U. is a multinational company founded in 2005 with Headquarters in Madrid.

ARQUIMEA develops electronic, microelectronic and electro-mechanic systems and components, including smart actuators and mechanisms, sensing systems, integrated circuits (IC) and robotic parts. ARQUIMEA’s products and technologies are suitable for those markets and sectors demanding innovation, quality, high performance and reliability, such as Aerospace, Defence & Security, Industry, Automotive, Medical or Agroindustry.

ARQUIMEA’s Team always works with the most innovative technologies and processes towards customer success. ARQUIMEA’s activity is especially devoted to the Aerospace sector and nowadays the Company plays an important role in the European Space Industry, where ARQUIMEA has successfully collaborated with the main players. As European fabless company, all the Space products made by ARQUIMEA are ITAR free. The background and technologies acquired in such a challenging field like Space are transferred to other markets and sectors in the form of new innovative products and services.

ARQUIMEA Actuators Group is specialized in the development of low-shock non-explosive actuators for Space applications. Based on our proprietary Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) material, so called SMARQ, we can provide any type of actuator (linear, rotary, hold down and release, break, smart valves…) qualified for spaceflight operation in an extended temperature range from -90oC up to +125oC. SMARQ is immune to radiation, immune to magnetic field and immune to electromagnetic jamming.


Contact person

Project management:
Francisco Álvarez
E-mail: falvarez[at]
Tel: +34 91 689 80 94
Fax: +34 91 182 15 77
Cell: +34 662 459 861

Technical coordination:
Nestor Nava
email: nnava[at]
Tlf: +34 91 689 80 94
Fax: +34 91 182 15 77
Móvil: +34 663 08 37 98