EADS CASA Espacio S.L.

EADS CASA Espacio S.L. (ECE) is a Spanish company fully owned by Airbus Defence and Space, the new Division of Airbus Group (previously known as EADS) in charge of all the Space and Defence activities of the first European Aerospace company. ECE is the main space company in Spain. They are specialized in:

  • System activities being the Prime Contractor of the two Spanish satellites of the National Earth Observation Plan: INGENIO (optical satellite) and PAZ (radar high resolution satellite). Current developments in satellites include the development of the platform for CHEOPS small scientific satellite (won in open competition for ESA) and the development of the two satellite platforms under PROBA-3 ESA project. ECE is also leading the development of different on-board space instruments and active antennas like the microwave radiometer for METOP-SG called ICI (Ice Cloud Imager) and led the development of MIRAS synthetic aperture radiometer successfully launched in the SMOS mission in November 2009 and providing since then ocean salinity and soil moisture maps.
  • Developing of mechanical systems for launch vehicles including: upper part structures of Ariane 5 launcher (payload adapters, vehicle equipment bay structure, inter-stage structure all of them in carbon fibre composites), upper part structures of Vega launcher (payload adapters for single and multiple launch in composites and avionics module AVUM and inter-stage structures combining aluminium and composites) and separation systems, shock attenuation and vibration filtering systems for different international launchers (Soyuz from Russia, Falcon-9 from USA or H-IIA from Japan).
  • Developing of structures for different satellites: scientific ones (GAIA, MTM for BEPI-COLOMBO have been the last ones), telecommunication ones (AMOS-4and 6) and earth observation ones (Sentinel 2 where ECE is responsible of the integration of the overall mechanical, thermal and propulsive platform). Also in this area ECE develop especially complex composite structures like the front shield one for EXOMARS lander.
  • Developing thermal control systems for different satellites and instruments like SMOS-MIRAS, Sentinel 1, 2 and 3, INGENIO or CHEOPS.
  • Developing reflector antennas for telecommunication satellites in C, Ku and Ka bands: more than 120 antenna reflectors have been delivered by ECE in the last years to the main prime contractors including Astrium and TAS in Europe or Space System Loral in USA. Also it is important to mention the high gain antennas developed for different space missions like Mars Express or Venus Express.
  • Developing array antennas for different satellites. The most important ones in the last years have been: IRMA X-band active antenna for secure communication embarked in SPAINSAT satellite, ELSA Ku band active antenna embarked in HAG1-REDSAT ESA’s telecommunication satellite to be launched very soon, GALILEO navigation antenna embarked into the GIOVE-B and all the IOV satellites or the High Gain Antenna System of the rover Curiosity currently working over the surface of Mars.
  • Developing of harness systems for different types of satellites: more than 250 harnesses delivered up to now.

EADS CASA Espacio is considered inside Airbus Defence and Space a Center of Competence in Composite Materials, in Structures and in Antennas. For this reason, EADS CASA Espacio has all the necessary manpower and resources in order to design (from RF, mechanical, thermal or quality point of view), manufacture, integrate and test Space Systems or Subsystems (from vibration, thermal cycling, or RF pattern measurement) according with ESA standards.

Advanced array antennas for multiple applications: GALILEO array antenna during tests (left) High Gain Antenna for Curiosity (right) Advanced antennas for telecommunication satellites: KASAT antennas in Ka band. Advanced technology for spacecraft structures: ultralight lattice carbon fiber and metallic ALM elements Advanced launch systems: ASAP-S: Multiple launch system for SOYUZ before flight (left) VESPA: Multiple launch system for VEGA during tests (right)
PAZ  Radar Satellite: one of the two Spanish EO satellites developed by ECE as Prime Contractor
Advanced launch systems: ASAP-S: Multiple launch system for SOYUZ before flight (left) VESPA: Multiple launch system for VEGA during tests (right)

Contact person

Javier Rivas