Work Package 2 (WP2): Requirements definition

Participants: ARQ (coordinator) plus all partners.

Objectives of WP2

Identify market-representative user requirements for the REACTs actuator under each specific application:

  • Performance requirements.
  • Interface requirements between the REACT and the flight subsystem (mechanical and electrical interfaces).
  • Power, mass and volume requirements.
  • Quality requirements.

Identify SMA material requirements and tribology requirements in order to propose new approximations to optimize the REACT device and generate a competitive product.

Description of work and tasks of WP2

Task 2.1 Requirements definition [ARQ, all participants]

Identify the requirements for the SMA materials and manufacturing techniques improvement for REACT devices. Identify the tribology requirements and test of REACT devices. Define requirements for launcher subsystems, as well as for Big Structures Deployment and Small satellites subsystems

Task 2.2 REACT Requirements Definition Report [ARQ]

ARQ will be responsible of gather all the requirements from all the consortium participants and generate a final requirement documentation analysing the different user requirements common points and relations in order to optimize as much as possible the development of the different REACT devices.