Work Package 11 (WP11): Dissemination, communication and exploitation

Participants: UPV/EHU (Coordinator) plus all partners.

Objectives of WP11

The main objective of this WP is to develop successful exploitation and dissemination strategies and actions for REACT project as well as establishing bases on scientifically and market surveillance across the project in order to maximise its impact.

Description of work and tasks of WP11

TASK 11.1 Elaboration of a dissemination plan and dissemination activities [UPV/EHU), all partners]

Along this task of the WP, UPV/EHU in collaboration with the rest of the partners will elaborate and execute a dissemination plan where dissemination activities at all levels will be defined in detail. The dissemination plan will be updated periodically, releasing the last version of the document at the end of the project.

Task 11.2 Communication activities [UPV/EHU, all partners]

The REACT project will exploit the capabilities of the modern information technologies to promote and disseminate the activities of the consortium, according the following activities:

  1. a) Project Website for Dissemination: A project website will be designed, set up and continuously updated within the whole project duration and beyond.
  2. b) Social Networks profiles management: REACT will count with profiles in professional social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing or Research-Gate and a Twitter micro-blog system account.
  3. c) Online and media promotion: An online marketing campaign will be carried out from the beginning of the project. This campaign will include advertisements through the usage of Google Adwords system.

Task 11.3 Surveillance on external sources [UPV/EHU, all partners]

This task will be specially focused in having record during the whole project about other projects research, paper publications on release mechanism for space application, and any incoming issue which could have any kind of impact on REACT research.

TASK 11.4 Cost analysis [ARQ]

Extremely interesting for the future of this technology into the space domain is the evaluation of the economical competiveness of the devices.

TASK 11.5 Elaboration of an exploitation plan and market analysis [ARQ, ECE, AVS, SSTL, STI]

REACT will produce results subject of a commercial exploitation by the different partners of the consortium in different ways.

TASK 11.6 IPR management [ARQ]

As REACT will lead to for new exploitable results, an important issue for all participants is the clear identification and fair allocation of intellectual property rights (IPR).