Work Package 10 (WP10): REACT In-Orbit Testing

Participants: ARQ .

Objectives of WP10

  • To design, manufacture and integrate the test set up and verify its performance and functionality.
  • To perform all the required activities to board the test set-up in the ISS.
  • To perform In-Orbit Tests (IOT), acquire and downlink test data.
  • To analyse and report test results.

Description of work and tasks of WP10

TASK 10.1 REACT test in the ISS design and description [ARQ]

In order to provide a reliable product to the European Space Market it is very recommendable to test in space conditions the REACT device in order to obtain a very valuable data of its behaviour in real space conditions. In addition these tests in flight will permit evolve to TRL8 current TRL6 standard. ARQ will define the REACT IOT during the first month of the project.

Task 10.2 REACT manufacturing and verification tests [ARQ]

ARQ will manufacture two flight units of the standard REACT device. The two REACT devices manufactured will be subjected to functional tests.

Task 10.3 Auxiliary electronics design and development [ARQ]

Auxiliary electronics will be required to perform the IOT. Mainly, this auxiliary electronics shall control de experiment when commanded by the EPP to do so.

Task 10.4 On ground test set up integration and functional testing [ARQ]

This task is aimed to integrate the test bench, REACTs devices and auxiliary electronics developed on ground prior to submit them for on boarding.

Task 10.5 REACT In-orbit testing boarding activities and data acquisition [ARQ]

The External Payload Platform (EPP) service is a complete end-to-end service for external payload missions on the International Space Station (ISS). ARQ will subcontract the EPP service to Astrium because internally ARQ has not the capabilities to perform this service itself.

Task 10.6 Test analysis and report [ARQ]

Once the data of the tests is received on ground ARQ will generate a test report including all the relevant data, conclusions and recommendations.