Work Package 4 (WP4): Tribology study

Participants: ESTL (coordinator) plus ARQ.

Objectives of WP4

The objectives of the tribological study are:

  • to provide input into the concept design development.
  • to define a test plan for characterisation of the mechanism’s tribological behaviour.
  • to carry out testing at a fundamental (pin on disc) level.
  • to carry out testing on sub-assemblies of the Engineering Model.
  • to carry out testing of the qualification model.

Description of work and tasks of WP4

Task 4.1 Tribology design recommendations [ESTL]

ESTL will support and guide the concept development and evolution concerning best practice and optimisation of tribology, to avoid known conceptual pitfalls and ensure manufacturability including application of coatings and surface treatments as required.

Task 4.2 REACT EM tribology characterization test plan definition [ESTL, ARQ]

ESTL will define a test plan including fundamental tribological characterisation testing, sub-assembly level testing based on the EM design, and full unit tests of EM. The aim of testing will be to characterise the performance and life of the key tribological elements under representative contact stress and environmental conditions.

Task 4.3 REACT EM tribology characterization tests [ESTL]

ESTL will carry out planned fundamental level tribological testing, as defined in the EM test plan (task 4.2) including post-test surface characterisation (assessment of lubricant effectiveness and any surface degradation). This Includes sourcing of suitable POD or spiral orbit tribometer test samples and lubricant processes.

Task 4.4 Re-design recommendations [ESTL]

To recommend refinements/further optimisation of the EM baseline design for QM as appropriate on the basis of test results from Task 4.3 and validate the performance of any design modifications by a single iteration of additional POD or sub-assembly level tribological testing.

Task 4.5 REACT QM tribology characterization test plan definition [ESTL]

ESTL will define an QM actuator unit-level test plan per REACT QM manufactured (including pre and post-test inspection plan), support QM PDR and QM CDR.

Task 4.6 REACT QM tribology characterization tests [ESTL, ARQ]

Support QM test requirement review. Carry out pre-test in-air characterisation and thermal vacuum test (TVT) of the QM units. Carry out post-test tribological inspection of the hardware. Produce test report and support post-test review.