Work Package 6 (WP6): Functional tests

Participants: ARQ (coordinator) plus all partners.

Objectives of WP6

The main objective of this work package is to test at functional level each REACT EM alone and also integrated within the final subsystems:

  • Perform functional tests.
  • Prepare tests reports.

Description of work and tasks of WP6

Task 6.1 REACT EM functional tests [ARQ, UPV/EHU]

Each EM REACT device manufactured in WP5.2 will be subjected to a complete set of functional tests as defined in WP5.3. The intense EM campaign to the EM in WP6.1.1 will implicate an elevated number of actuations and also an important stress and wear to the EM REACT devices.

Task 6.2 REACT EM Functional tests within launchers structure subsystems [ECE]

Practical implementation of REACT in LPSS mechanism. H/W and tooling, if any, needed to install REACT. Troubleshooting and tuning of LPSS tensioning procedures when using REACT. Strength test and functional demonstration at clamp-band maximum band tension. Tensioning capability and functional demonstration at nominal band tension.

Task 6.3 REACT EM Functional tests within planetary exploration subsystems [AVS]

Following the test plan defined in task 5.3 the functional tests of the HDRM will be performed. These tests will be carried out in laboratory environment and will have the objective to check the functionality of the system and the compliance with the requirements.

Task 6.4 REACT EM Functional tests within big structures deployment [STI]

Perform test according to the test procedures. Generate, assess and approve test reports. Following tests are foreseen for the REACT EM.

Task 6.5 REACT EM Functional tests within small satellites deployment [SSTL]

The built EM HDRM will now be assembled onto the existing sidewall deployment jig with old QM panels and hinges. Multiple ambient functional deployment testing will take place driven by an old QM deployment electronics module, with actuator refurbishment taking place in house.